Friday, June 8, 2007

Free as a Bird!

Today folks, my good friend McGone is leaving me. He's got a better job, so I am sad but happy all at the same time. I wanted to dedicate this page to him and send him off with one word - -FREEBIRD!
Just showing you respect man! Anyway, if I were a dude, and I had guitar skills,... -PRIVATE CONCERT, PEOPLE!
But then again, there was that chick from "RockStar" who had a "weird and creepy, but somehow hot" vibe on. I could be Dilana rockin it out! I'd also jam to Ozzy-Mama I'm coming home! (I am taking requests for other appropriate "70's-80's cliche" farewell songs)
Love you man!


q ponz said...

We are all on our feet, clapping so hard our hands are numb. Unfortunately the lights have come up, and there are no more encores for the McGone MDH Tour. Damn, Mcgone's left the building. Maybe we can catch the McGone reunion tour featuring TJD at Rib Fest in 20 years :-)

It ain't gonna be the same without ya.

slinger said...

"Don't know what you go, till it's gone" by Cinderella!

I also dedicated a post to McGone today.

"Hannibal" said...

Hey Slinger,

Why can't I comment on your blog? Just been there, good reading! Thanks for Cinderella, I used to kinda like those guys, but not really, although the song choice has that "metal ballad" sweetness to it. It has been added to the set list! Thanks!

"Hannibal" said...

Hey q ponz!

I just love your name!

I'm in for the reunion tour, hopefully the seats we scored from our lost friends are still front row by then, or will they have been downgraded to the lawn? Hopefully the Ribs will be thrown in too!

McGone said...

The other day I started laughing when "Freebird" came on the radio. I was alone, which is good because I probably looked like a dork.

Thanks Hannibal! You rock. If you looked at me right now, you would see me giving the devil horns, metal-style!

Nice guitar picture by the way - you are shreddin' the fretboard!

slinger said...

Hannibal - you should be able to comment, you have to enter in your info at the bottom, (don't worry, the email doesnt show up anywhere)