Monday, June 11, 2007

Baby Big Ears

White tail deer are giving birth at this time of year, so I found it appropriate to select this photo for posting. Newborn fawns at birth, weigh 6-7 lbs and have about 300 white spots for camouflage. The first few weeks after being born, Doe mothers leave their newborns in a safe place to look for food. Fawns have no smell at birth, so predators are not likely to find them in tall grass, unless they happen to stumble upon them. Does nurse their young for their first 3-4 months of life. Some fawns are just now growing old enough to follow their mothers when feeding.
I found these 2 in a soybean field near Channahon feeding on leaves which is a staple for grazers such as deer. They also eat corn, beans, berries, bark and grass.
The ears on the little one seem to be even bigger than mom's so I called this one, "Baby Big Ears"


McGone said...

I believe "Baby Big Ears" was also my nickname freshman year in high school. I really sprouted that next summer, thankfully.

Hi, Hannibal!

q ponz said...

My cousins (farmers all) referred to them as "long-eared cabbage eaters" for what they did to their gardens.

Beautiful shot. Mom's not alarmed (tail down) showing how you didn't disturb them during lunch. Well done!

"Hannibal" said...

Hi McGone!-I'm glad to hear you grew into your ears, I'd have never known, it's our secret.

Hey q ponz!-very observant my discount friend!