Saturday, June 23, 2007

Grand Opening: "Hannibal's Animals"

I wanted to change the name of my Blog for a while now, as I didn't think most people would "get" the old title, and the reference was getting tired, so I finally came up with my new blog name last week. I then created this header on Saturday. I posted the original shot that I used to "photoshop" the final product. A friend wanted to know if all the creatures in the header were my shots? Yes, and there were a total of 19 layers (individual pieces).

Creating this whole thing was a bit conflicting, because I wanted to put too much into it. I had to leave out a fox that I had posted before, because I just couldn't find a place for her. I hated to not represent the fox, because I actually have 3 deer in this, but perspective and placement just couldn't work. I wanted depth to the whole thing, so the buck turning the corner was a must. The white deer worked so well, even though it was the most grainy of them all, but I had to keep the dear butt-biting the squirrel. The fawn had to stay because of the butterfly and the raccoon just had to chase the hummingbird. The coyote was just tall enough so the fox couldn't go there either. I also had plenty of water creatures, but didn't have the environment, so those were the choices I made. If I had to critique my own stuff, I would have to point out that the shadows on some are wrong (on the originals), but I added shadowing here and there where it was needed.

Tell me what you think? I will change the blogger address officially to next friday, so be prepared to change your bookmarks!


Anonymous said...

Love the new name, Hannibal. It suits the site perfectly and it has a nice ring to it!

rain man said...

Hannibal's Animals is much better, and will reach a larger audience (I missed the show, so the reference to the name was lost on me).

Great composite image. I love the composition with the albino deer nibbling the squirrel's butt and the buck wrapped around the sign.

McGone said...

I am waiting patiently so I can finally add you to my blogroll.

tjd said...

I'm glad McGone blogrolled you! Otherwise I'd have been like "Where the frick did Hannibal go?"

"Hannibal" said...

Thanks McGone, for providing my link, and thanx tjd, for everything past and present!