Wednesday, May 16, 2012

American Golden Plover - Lifer!

Such an interesting looking bird! I was lucky enough to catch this guy in a flooded area as he migrated through! A lifer for me!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Barred Owlet

Barred Owlet, originally uploaded by Hannibals Animals.

Sometimes a not-so-productive day of wildlife/birding turns around so quickly, just as you are about to call it a day, and today was one of those days. I was leaving my spot after about an hour of boring tree time. I just stared up at the tops of trees, looking for some movement, and nothing was happening. I decided to leave the area when all of a sudden I hear an interesting sound close by. I can't describe the "squawk", but I knew it was a larger throat making that sound. I knew I could not leave until I found the source and scanned the trees & ground.
After a bit of zeroing in on the direction, I see a glimpse of a large wing. I knew immediately that it was the local Barred Owl, and it struck me that just maybe it was with it's owlet. I've never seen a wild barred owlet before so this was gonna be good! I finally spotted them both and the parent flew off. Low and behold, I finally get my barred owlet! And here it is! What a day this turned out to be! You just never know... IMG_7820 IMG_7572 IMG_7611 IMG_7534