Friday, December 31, 2010

Do Raccoons Hibernate?

Do Raccoons Hibernate?, originally uploaded by Hannibals Animals.

If you are asking the question do raccoons hibernate in the winter, the answer is not so simple. There are times when the animal does sleep for long periods of time. The raccoon is also known for waking up from time to time and leaving the den area. This can also depend on the region because in warmer climates, raccoons may not hibernate at all and they may stay active all year round. So it may be impossible to answer the question, do raccoons hibernate during the winter, because of all the variables.

Another thing that can affect hibernation is mating. This occurs at the end of winter in January and February. During this time, raccoons are very active and although they are nocturnal, they can be seen during the day while trying to locate a mate. But most of the time, if the temperature goes below 25 degrees; a raccoon will retreat to the den. In some areas this happens frequently but in other areas it occurs only once or twice during the winter months. Where do raccoons hibernate in the winter?

Raccoons retreat to their dens to hibernate and they are usually located in hallowed out logs and trees. They can have more than one of these dens and they will sleep in the one they feel the most secure in, at the time. Although they are known for living in trees, they can also burrow under the ground to make dens. But unlike other animals that hibernate alone, the raccoon will hibernate with others. It isn’t unusual to see many raccoons hibernating together.

I found this guy yesterday scavenging in the snow, which brought up the question, do raccoons hibernate. Not on this day!

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Welcome Outdoor Blogger Network!

Hi Guys! Thanks for clicking through to my lil ol blog! For those of you who are regulars and don't know what I am talking about, I've been featured on their site. More on that later...

I thought I'd better feature something good for you new folks, so I pulled out a biggie, for me at least...

This image is a teaser:

I have much better photos of this creature, including portraits and up close with prey shots, but I've been saving the series until something possibly great (for me) to happen, which should be in a few months. So, now I ask for a little audience participation. I need you all to hold your breath. O.K., inhale...hold it...hold it...
Why? I'm hoping to score the cover of a magazine I submitted to. I have had contact with the editor, and she is considering me for the cover. Wouldn't that be cool? I've never even attempted being published before, and on my first try, the cover?!? I'm pretty excited!

So there you have it! Take a guess at what it is! Hint: This guy is no ordinary creature, he's a very rare color morph. Go ahead, take a shot!

Now for those bloggers who don't belong to the Outdoor Blogger Network, go ahead and click on the logo I have featured on the upper right hand corner. You will find it worth a look. These people have everything you need wrapped up in one site. They feature blogs from around the country in their blog directory, have lots of giveaways and even do gear reviews. Wear their badge proudly, as I do, and you might even get their "Spotlight of the Week". Check them out! I love those guys! Just look at what they wrote about me, it cracked me up! Thanks Outdoor Blogger Network!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snow buntings

I love when these guys come around! They all have such unique markings!

Tufted Titmouse

McKinley Woods State Park

A rare treat to get so close to one of these guys.