Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Handsome Buck

Hello All! I'm sooo glad to be blogging again! It's been a long time coming and frustrating at times, but finally, I found something blogworthy! On a special note: I was laid off this past February, and with that, my desire to photo wildlife was shelved. I felt I needed to step up my game for my portrait photography business and get my life in order. I worked for a newspaper for 19 years, thinking I would retire from there, but as most know, print media is dying. 19 years ago, the internet did not exist. People got their news from TV and newspapers. Who knew that my choice in careers 19 years ago would fizzle out? Not me! We all get most of our news from the web at places like Google, Yahoo and Bing. We surf for everything we need. We resource the internet before we actually buy anything. I always google a review just to make sure I get the best price and quality for my dollar. I surely can't live without the internet, so I carry a small part in my own career's demise. I own that. It is what it is, good and bad... So enough about that, lets get on with the post!

The rut is coming, the rut is coming! I'm sooo excited! My favorite time of year is here! Here's a look at the first big buck I have photo'd this season. He was awesome! He was bedded in the tall grasses and was very difficult to see. I passed him by, distracted by a few does a few yards away. A friend of mine pointed him out with my second pass through. He laid there for quite awhile before deciding to move away, but when he did, it was all worth it! He gave quite a show, standing broadside checking me out, as he finally wandered away looking for better deeper cover to hide in.  What a great buck to lead off the rut!