Sunday, June 10, 2007

Our National Symbol

I took these photos at Starved Rock in February this year (2007). I was lucky enuff to get to the parking lot early, and an eagle was in a tree right above me, which is a rare treat. There were so many great photo op's. that came out of that day, because the eagle count was up to 112. (an all time high). Eagles find open water during winter months for food, so they were feeding at the locks in a frenzy and the action was hot. There is a tree on the northwest end of the locks that the eagles perch in when not soaring, that held 81 eagles for this shot. I spent many hours of many days in the blustery single digits of temperature, but what is nice about shooting at the Army Corps. of Engineers, (which is directly across from Starved Rock) is that they have a Visitors Center for which you can go in to warm up. And...the background for all my shots is "Lovers Leap" which is a rock formation that adds for a great backdrop. They also give eagle watch tours from late Jan. thru Feb. For Illinois Eagles, Starved Rock State Park in Utica is definately the place to visit.

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i'm wondering why you waste your talent at the morris daily herald instead of working for national geographic or something big like that??? do it, girl!!