Wednesday, June 13, 2007

17 Year Cicadas Are Here!

I took a reluctant trip with my friend Pam to see the 17 year Cicadas which she found in McKinley Woods in Channahon. She claimed that they were in huge proportions and the sound was amazing. These Cicadas are not in my particular area, so I eventually said that I would go, as long as I could stay in the truck (I'm very bug-phobic). Well, little did I know, I eventually became more interested in those lil ugly bugs than I did for my own welfare. I did leave the safety of her vehicle for some close inspection. Although I would have liked to use my macro lens, I instead, opted for my zoom, as keeping a 4.5 foot distance was better for my escape, if indeed I needed one.
The best part was watching the birds go after them. We caught this female cowbird snag one, pull off the wings, then gulp it down in one bite! I will definately go back, bug-phobic or not...

Creepy is COOL!!!!


Anonymous said...

You are extremely brave, Hannibal! Way to overcome your fears for the sake of educating and entertaining your (blog) fans.

Anonymous said...

very cool. i have never seen one up close and now i can die a happy, fulfilled, educated woman.