Thursday, June 7, 2007

Rockin the Foxes!

This fox is a mother of 5. She had 6 which is a horrible story, so I won't get into that. She resides in this wooded field which borders Nettle Creek. I have spent plenty of hours in the bushes waiting for her or her kits to come out of their den. As the picture reveals, she did spot me for this shot. She had just brought home dinner when a neighborhood dog flushed her from some brush. She ran into the den with her meal, and then ran past me for escape. She stopped, took a look at me, then bolted. While sitting in the bushes for 3 hours, I had heard a sound, which at first I thought was squirrel chatter, coming from behind me. I knew that wasn't quite right, then I thought that just maybe... it was a raccoon. I turned around and found a hole in a tree and waited. All of a sudden, it came crawling out of this hole and carefully climbed down a ways before it saw me. It stopped, checked me out, then continued down on the backside of the tree. A few minutes later, I hear that sound again, coming from the same place, and I immediately thought "Baby!" I turned around, and yes, there it was, head sticking out of the hole, crying for mama. Awesome! That whole day was just amazing!


McGone said...

Don't miss out on the opportunity you have here to inform your readers that a group of Fox(es) is called a "skulk."

Awesome pictures and it's educational... Bears, Beets n' Blogs has it all.

"Hannibal" said...

Thanks McGone, I couldn't think of "skulk" when I was publishing! All I was coming up with was "skank" and that's not at all appropriate. (yet it "appropriately crude")