Saturday, June 9, 2007

Screech Squirrel

I decided I wanted to try to get a screech owl in my yard, so I built a screech owl box to mount to my tree. I found some plans, built one, then customized it by adding bark and a perch on the inside and outside, just in case the owl had babies and would use the outside perch for my viewing pleasure. I got a friend to help me mount it to my tree, and with major difficulty, got it up high enuff (15 feet minimum). So, as days, then months pass, I see no signs of activity. I check it every day to no avail. Then one day after work, I see a head in the hole which looks like a squirrel. I grab my binoculars and check it out. Yes, indeed it was a squirrel, and I kinda got excited. It had been so long, that I didn't mind that it was a squirrel, at least it was something that found my box appealing. Anyway, I went out with my camera and got this shot. He was just so cute, staring back at me. After a few days pass, I notice that some of the bark was missing and my perch was gone, so then I got pissed. The frickin squirrel couldn't appreciate the fine living space I customized with great care, so I was ready to evict him. The least he could have done was had babies or something, but no....he just took and didn't give back-selfish bastard! Anyway, as of today, he still resides, and I am somewhat over it, because who could resist that face?

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Anonymous said...

I love his little face!