Friday, May 9, 2008

Oriole Umbrella

The "orioles" of the Americas were named after similarly-appearing birds in the Old World. The American orioles are not closely related to the true orioles in the family Oriolidae. They are more closely related to blackbirds and meadowlarks. Both New and Old world orioles are brightly colored with red, yellow, and black; have long tails and long pointed bills. They build hanging, woven nests called sock nests, and prefer tall trees around open areas.

Baltimore Orioles have found their way back to my neck of the woods, and even my own back yard. For 4 years straight, I have had a pair build a sock nest in my cottonwood tree. I put out orange halves for them to eat as well as nut and berry seed mixes. The photo above is from Channahon Park.


Sandpiper said...

Beautiful picture! I do see them around here, but have never been lucky enough to have one visit my backyard garden, nevermind nest there!

Craig said...

Hey Hannibal, nice shot! I've never seen a sock nest before. I'll wait for the photos of the nests to appear on you blog. :)