Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Northern Flicker

Over the past few posts, including this one and the next few in days to come, I am featuring the latest photos taken from my best new "hotspot" as of late, for wildlife photos op's.

I discovered this trail (Channahon Park) early last week, and have been going back ever since, but the latest photos were all taken on Saturday and Sunday, when the sun had barely rose.

I couldn't ask for a better setting, when my head was constantly swiveling in every direction the entire morning. Most of the birds landed so close that you could only hold your breath, take the shots, and hope for that perfect shot we all are after. I love that particular spot, and am looking forward to this weekend where I can do it all over again, and hope for the same experience.

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Sandpiper said...

Fantastic pictures! I just found your blog and have been going through your archives. You have a terrific blog!