Monday, May 5, 2008

Backyard Feeder Friends

I thought I would do a post about my own backyard birds. I have plenty of feeders and occasionally take some shots thru my kitchen window. (The window is open and the screen is removed.)

This shot was taken from my garage as I was walking back to the deck and noticed the menagerie of buffet grazers. I wonder what they talk about-Hillary or Obama?

My first ever visit from an Indigo Bunting. It's been around for 5 days so far, so I hope it plans to stay...

Who can resist a cardinal? It likes to come in the early evening hours, along with his girlfriend.

The White-crowned Sparrow is really good for seed clean up. Doesn't it look like he is wearing a bike helmet?

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cuttidad said...

I really love the new header!