Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mute Swan & Mallard Ducklings

Mute Swans are always a beautiful site to see in the wild. I can usually spot them twice a year during migration. A good stop over for them is where 3 rivers meet & where American White Pelicans make the same place a resting stop.

This particular Swan seemed to be alittle too "tame". It approached me as I walked to the shore, suggesting it has probably been fed by humans. (I ruled out a tame swan "on the loose", because of past sitings in this exact locale.)

Note: As an introduced species it is of concern because of its effects on native wildlife. Its aggressive nature can disrupt the nesting of native waterfowl. It is protected in some states, but not others. Some states are attempting to control Mute Swan numbers. The Mute Swan is reported to mate for life. However, changing of mates does occur infrequently, and swans will remate if their partner dies. (Source: All About Birds)

My first ducklings of the season! There were a total of 7, but getting them all in 1 shot was nearly impossible. I guess I never knew just how active they were until I observed these little guys. It was non-stop action and I felt sorry for poor mom, having to look after these guys going in every direction.


Sandpiper said...

Beautiful swan and duck pictures. I know that swans are considered problematic, but when we lost our male nesting swan a couple of weeks ago, it broke my heart. The mama is still sitting on the nest, but I would be surprised if the eggs are still viable.

Anonymous said...

This weekend I saw first ducklins too. They are so cute! Swans look beautiful too!