Monday, September 10, 2007

Rustic Shores

One of my "new" favorite parks is the one on Moose Island in Channahon. It was just opened in August, and is still under construction although many joggers, bikers, and various other nature types are accessing its trails. I found that 1 particular trail takes me to a certain waters edge for this early morning shot of a rustic farm across the rivers' backwaters. The second photo is a view you might see as you park your car in the new parking lot. This place has a lot of potential, and I am hoping my next visit will bring new views, because I am coordinating a kayak voyage with my friend Pam. I do suggest bug spray, because the mosquitos are the size of bats, and just as thirsty. There were gorgeous wildflowers along every trail, and the outskirted borders were wooded, which is always a great cover for deer. I love this park and wish I could keep it as a secret spot all to myself. I can be quite selfish, but am displaying my generous side to the world, in hopes that my local readers will try it out for themselves and love it as much as I do-I'm such a giver-enjoy!


McGone said...

Damn woman! Great shots over these past three days. I love that top landscape shot. That looks like an Wyeth painting.

"Hannibal" said...

Hey McGone-Thanks so much, what a compliment!