Friday, September 28, 2007

Bye Bye Birdies!

I don't have anything new lately, so I chose to peruse the archives. I stumbled onto this Red-Headed Woodpecker, but I'm not sure what it's little morsel is, possibly a corn kernel, or maybe just a fresh chunk of wood. Anyway, I spotted this guy along with a mate, on Moose Island while adventuring with Snoop RobERob. We both took plenty of shots, and then I got the bright idea of sneaking up closer with a few trees as cover for my pursuit. I got to my destination, only to discover that I was walking in poison ivy with shorts on. Needless to say, I got out of there after a few shots, went to the car to find some wet naps to wipe down with, and headed to Rob's house for use of his tub to get the oily stuff off of my bare legs (Poison Ivy and the Hannibal don't mix) Thanks Rob again for your facilities. You most likely saved me a trip to the Dr. for one of those steriod packs, and a shot in the rump.

Migrating birds are at their peak last night and tonight for traveling, given the southerly winds, and the clear nights, added by the full moons brightness. Check it out tonight if you get a chance, you just might see flocks passing by the moons light. You won't see them again til next Spring...Bye Bye Birdies...

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