Thursday, September 27, 2007

Heading South

I was walking the grassy paths in Goose Lake State Park, with my mind set on Monarchs, as they are migrating toward Texas/Mexico around this time of year. When they go, they go in droves. If you are lucky enough to see them, you could find hundreds, even thousands of them virtually dripping from trees (reststops). I have yet to see this phenomenon, but not without trying. Last year, I saw dozens on a certain tree in Goose Lake, but this year, none so far...Anyway, as I am taking in the wildflowers lining the path, with the butterflies fluttering about, I hear some geese in the distance taking flight. Their honks are becoming louder, so they are coming my way. I turn in that direction, just in time to see them clear the brush, and lift higher, yet I am directly in their path. As they approached, they see me, and veer off to my left, and left me to my own path. I continued on, trekked my way to the tree...No Monarchs...yet...

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