Friday, September 21, 2007

Not My Wood Duck Photo

I have a personal vendetta against woodducks. I stalk them every chance I get during their breeding season. I have purchased camouflage in hopes to outsmart these little fellas. I get up way before dawn to set up my equipment before they wake up, just to capture a close photo which involves sneaking into the forest with a flashlight, backpack, and chair, stealthily weaving through the trees with my bulk. I arrive at my pre-determined site and set up as quietly as possible. I sit there for hours waiting....I do this most every weekend in the spring....I never get my duck even though the site is famous for them. I've tried other "good" sites-proven sites through my own eyes. I sneak just the same, but still, I haven't captured that visualized photo in my head. I see and hear them plenty. I see them as they flush from their cover and scream danger with their call, and send any within hearing, off to a safer place. That has happened to me every single time. I take great care with my planning and strategy, but something is still wrong. What? I don't know yet. I'm still learning, and luck has yet to grace me.
I've attempted these shots for years. I've not been beaten yet, I still have hope, and one day I will prevail...

Last weekend, I took "Becky" out shooting. We haven't done this in a long time, so I was hoping for a good day. We take off for my sweet spots and cruise the country roads. As we are passing a small and swampy pond, I check for activity, and what do you know...woodducks. Lots of them. I am driving, and the shot is on Becky's side of the car, so I hand her my camera, give her a 15 second lesson, and get into position. She takes her shots, which are somewhat distant, but all in all, she gets to shoot a prize I have yet to get. The swampy composition was something to envy, and even though the ducks are losing their bright plumage, it made for a really good "rookie" shot. Good One Becky!!!!


McGone said...

Nice work "Becky."

And Hannibal - "stalking woodducks" made me picture you as Elmer Fudd hunting "Wabbits."

be vewy vewy quiet!

"Hannibal" said...

Hey McGone- Next time I'm out hunting wabbits, I'll be sure to practice my lisp (although I get plenty of practice making fun of lispy people at work)