Monday, September 24, 2007

People are Assholes

This post is about common courtesy. Most humans with any sort of experience in the Walmart aisles know that people suck. Some people live on their own planet, and anyone else is just visiting...these people leave their carts in the middle of any given aisle, because... is "their" aisle. Your cart should not go down their aisle, but when you make this error, and have the patience to wait for them to move their precious cart, you get "the look", although some are just stupid, and apologize, as if they have never practiced this selfish act before. Hmm...slow learners.

I am at a "public park" doing my thing, minding my own business, shooting a bluebird that landed on a branch which made for a really colorful photo. I am probably 30 feet from it, and am inching my way closer for more detail. As I am doing this, I hear a bicycle bell ringing behind me. I immediately think I am going to lose this shot, the bird will flush before I can get any closer. The bell continues to ring louder as it gets closer and I think "what an asshole", can't this person see that I am shooting something with my camera and am standing my ground? Why can't he just slow to a stop and not interrupt what is happening in front of him? Or...choose an alternate route? That would be an option too. Nope! He's coming on strong and will bully his way past me, without any regard for what else might be happening in this world, besides his path to possible fitness, or...whatever. From the observation I made after seeing this intruder of space, I noticed he wore headphones while bicycling, which tells me he didn't have "nature" as his motivation for choosing this park. He could have chose any given road for his exercise, because environment wasn't a factor. I chose this park for nature. I expect to walk the paths because of the environment, and expect to get it because of my choosing, AND... pedestrians always have the right of way. Not for this guy, he passed me and my camera, and of course sent the bluebird off to find a safer spot to roost. Sometimes... it is just about courtesy towards others...I hate people! Anyway...Here's my post, although, had I been given some courtesy, I might have gotten a closer shot for more detail and the bird might have had peace for a little while longer.

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Anonymous said...

You don't hate people.
You hate assholes.