Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kayaking the (a)Mazon River

My kayaking skills were limited to lakes and canals until this past weekend. I've never taken on currents and swift moving water, so the adventure scheduled for Sunday was welcomed with great anticipation. The Mazon River is not much more than a creek, because of its shallow depths and narrow banks in most places. There were 4 of us explorers who have never routed this river section, so what was around every bend would be a surprise. We didn't even know if the river was deep enough, although the recent rains should keep us from getting our feet wet, at least, so we thought... Anyway, we lugged our vessels to our starting position and shoved off...

The day was a perfect 70-something degree day, with light winds & low humidity, making the sky ever-so-blue with big poofy clouds.

As we rode the slow current, leaning back with our feet up and relaxed, we soaked in the suns rays, and mother natures beauty all around us.

It wasn't slow and lazy all the way though. In many parts, the water would turn swift, and the excitement began. Now I'm not saying that these rapids were world class, not even close, but they were tricky. The rocks, or should I say boulders, were difficult obstacles hidden under the water everywhere. Sometimes, we would drop 4 feet or so, within the rapids before it smoothed out. There were a few times I did get marooned on top, pushing on the rocks to set myself free. And once, I did need assistance from fellow kayaker Rob, who rescued me from atop of a particularly tight spot. The photo below depicts a gentler section, but one that did hang me up. It was tough to choose a route thru the obstacles, and sometimes your choices went wrong.

We found a great spot to stop for lunch, and this is where I found the Gar Minnow.

It was the best day I ever had kayaking, and the plan for this weekend is to put back in, and continue down the Mazon River from exactly where we left off. I can't wait!


Owlman said...

It looks like awesome fun. I've always wanted to try my hand (shoulders?) at kayaking. See any cool animals or birds?

HANNIBAL said...

Hi Owlman: No actually, there was 1 Great Blue Heron, but that was really it. Nothing very cool..

Richard said...

Great pictures but how to you get them so large on blogger?

Anonymous said...

Hi, found your blog today while
at blog of Richard-At the Water.
Very impressed! Will come back
often. If I might, your mystery
butterfly of 06/09/2008 blog is
an American Lady (Vanessa virginiensis).Note the 2 large
eyespots on the hind underwing.
The Painted Lady has four small
eyespots in the same location. Get
yourself a Kaufman Focus Guide to
Butterflies of North America and
start shooting more butterflies.
You're very good at it. :)
Hap in New Hope (MN)

Shellmo said...

The view was very nice - looks like a fun kayaking experience!

Sandpiper (Lin) said...

This looks like sooooooooo much fun! I would like to do this someday. We talk about it, so far haven't tried it. We've been canoeing, but not kayaking. Your pictures are wonderful. I felt like I was moving down the waterway with you. Especially the one that showed the feet. ;-)

Bird Girl said...

Wow...does that look like FUN!!! The sky is so beautiful! Wonderful post!

Anonymous said...

Looks like soo fun! You must have had a great adventure!