Monday, June 2, 2008

Cooperative Blue Jay

Traveling down the main road at Mazonia, I passed by a Blue Jay that was very close to the road. I turned around, came up next to it and took some shots.

He was pretty meek about me and my camera, so I took a few more as he hopped from limb to limb.
I love cooperative birds, when I can leave without scaring anything.


Sandpiper said...

These are beautiful. They really are spectacular looking birds, but many of us take them for granted because they are so common. He posed nicely for you.

Shellmo said...

The Blue Jay is so beautiful - you emphasized it well in your photos. It's funny how they are such bullies at the bird feeder but shy at other times - I love them!

McGone said...

Love the second shot with the blur of the background.

The green leaves work great with the blue of the bird, especially in the first one.

Anonymous said...

lovely shots. I have not seena bluejay in YEARS!

Bird Girl said...

Me too! I love cooperative birds! You sure lucked out with this guy - showed him off beautifully!