Friday, July 18, 2008

A Day Full of Bluebirds

I initially went to Goose Lake in search of anything. It has been a long slow June for me, and July wasn't looking any better, photographically speaking. Then along came these guys!

They were catching all sorts of bugs and bringing them back to this particular post. I happened to be parked right next to it.

Even the female has gorgeous markings! And what a juicy snack!

Lucky for me, this male hopped down from the post to do some prospecting.

I filled up the CF card pretty fast, and have plenty more to share, but I will end this one with another lucky shot. I had to lean way out window to focus on him for a natural setting.

It was an amazing day to watch these guys! be lucky enough to be so close without disturbing them (--which is the important thing) !


The Birdlady said...

Bluebirds are my favorites!!!And these are truly beautiful.

Bird Girl said...

Birdlady and I are both bluebird fanatics! How cool is that? You have joined the bluebird club and you have some awesome shots here to prove it! So nice!