Monday, July 2, 2007

McGones Desktop Pranks

As most people who work with me know, McGone, my good friend and co-worker, left the Paper for another position at another business. I loved working with him because you never knew what to expect. He always had something clever to say, some physical gesture to make you laugh, or some snide remark to what was happening with his manical department. No matter what was happening, he made me laugh---ALWAYS. This is an "Ode" to him, because this morning, I was thinking of what I would post, and a memory popped into my head of what he used to do to my desktop pictures.
I am always putting my newest photos on my computer as wallpaper for everyone to see as they walk by. I am stationed at the nucleus of the Paper, so most everyone does in fact, "walk by" because of the timeclock. So, an ever so creative McGone would often "photoshop" my wallpaper to include a bonus feature to the scene. I would walk in later, see his masterpiece, and think,"Why didn't I think of that?". No one can "think of that" quicker than McGone, so don't even try, he's THAT sharp! Anyway, I decided to use his pieces of foulplay to be featured here today. I miss/envy his wit...

Note: Hey McGone, hope this doesn't weird you out. I thought of the shark pic this morning for a little twist from my norm, and it turned into this whole "Post of Admiration".


McGone said...

Hey McGone, hope this doesn't weird you out.

Not at all. In fact, I wish more blogs would talk about how awesome I am. I'm kind of a big deal.

I kid. Man, looking back at these... I'm surprised I ever got any work done.

"Hannibal" said...

Hey McGone,
You know, you are right, you are a big deal, most don't know it yet, but you are the next McDreamy, already appropriately McNamed! Mantastic? Yes! Manlicious? Uhhhhh-with the right Chianti, I'm sure he is!

slinger said...

Wow, if I ever do see a blog about McGone's awesomeness, I will be sure to post comments to bring his ego back to earth.

Kidding dude, you are kind of good with art, and stuff, I guess.

McGone said...

Manlicious. Wow...I don't know how I even managed to type that word (I cheated by copying and pasting).

But I'm totally putting that on my personal business cards.

tjd said...

Hee... The Hannibal/McGone desktop pix should come standard on the next Mac OS release. Fun stuff!