Thursday, July 19, 2007

I Broke My Frickin Camera!!!!!!

Yesterday (Wed), I finally took my first full day off since April. (I took over a new position previously held by tjd, and had to train for my own back-up, which took way too long to find a worthy candidate.) This day was supposed to be great because I just received my new kayak on Tuesday. So...I wake up Wednesday morning around 3 a.m. with thunder/lightning and a nice storm. I spent the entire morning looking west, hoping for a break in the clouds. There was a glimmer of blue sky around noon, so I packed my things and headed out to a spot in Mazonia. I kayaked for a couple of hours and headed back in because it was a bit windy. I am bored at home again, so I decided to experiment with a shot of a sunflower that was in my yard, against the sky and my fence. I grab my tripod, mounted my camera, set up the shot, took a few exposures, decided my angle wasn't going to work, and headed back inside. I set my tripod on the floor, took a step away, and BOOM!!!!!! One leg of the tripod was not completely extended out, so the camera took the impact. Damn! How could I be so frickin stupid? I didn't notice the tripod leg because it was in its lowest position, and still, thinking back, I'm finding it impossible, but whatever...The tripod is not cheap, nor is it rickety, so why? The camera is toast. It won't turn on at all. I have a warranty, but it does not cover "impact". I'm going to plea innocent, but I just don't know if I can get away with it. There is no dent, scratch, crack of any kind where it hit, so maybe... Wish me luck! I am probably without the camera for weeks, which feels like I've lost an arm or something, or maybe just the thumb, o.k. thumbnail, but still...


Stupid Fact #1- Tripods are not to be taken for granted.

Stupid Fact #2- I waited 4 months to get a vacation day and spend 1 entire day off on rain and disaster.

Stupid Fact #3- I got the kayak as a camera accessory for getting to places I can't normally go, so now I need a kayak accessory so I can capture the places I already went.

Stupid Fact #4- I sold my other camera 2 weeks ago.

Do you feel my pain now?


slinger said...

Oh damn, that sucks! Hopefully you can get it fixed for free!

McGone said...

Holy Jebus H. Christo, Hannibal... I can't even imagine what you're feeling right now. That sucks, and then it sucks some more.

tjd said...

So, so sorry for your loss. There's just not enough chocolate... but here's fudgsicle®.

I'm glad you FINALLY got a day off, but sounds like maybe you should have waited one more day.

Someone also needs to take a picture of you in the kayak taking a picture.