Monday, July 23, 2007


Todays post has alot to do about irony. As you all know, I broke my camera. I blame the entire accident on the sunflower in my back yard. The facts are, that the clouds were poofy, the sky was deep blue, and the sunflower's bloom was peaking for the most optimal photographic appeal in my own mind's eye. I took some shots, but I didn't like them...fastforward-tripod, floor...broken camera. (I borrowed a friends 3.5mp camera, which is all I could get my hands on for the next few weeks. It should get me through til the camera is repaired. It has a 10X zoom, but the processor is slower than snot.) I come home from work on Friday to find my owl box-wrecking squirrel on top of the box again eating something I could not recognize. It looked yellow, but thats all I could recognize, until I took a few steps forward, got out the temporary camera, zoomed in and discovered that the lil piece of crap ripped off the entire head of that infamous sunflower, and was eating what remained of it right in front of me. If only I had a bb gun, I really think I might have used it. (Probably not) Anyway, just because the sunflower broke my camera, what right does that freakin squirrel think he might have that the sunflower is his to enjoy? I feed him corn bits, birdseed, and...SUNFLOWER seeds, in various feeders all over the yard. I have been tolerant of his destruction to the owl box, the tipping over of 1 particular feeder on a regular basis, letting him eat the oranges I put out for the orioles, AND the suet for the woodpeckers. What more can he possibly want? He is still alive, only because I let him live, but have I had enough? Push one more button squirrel, and you just might become fertilizer for next years sunflower crop. Now theres irony...

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