Thursday, November 17, 2011

Window of Opportunity

Window of Opportunity

Not the best, closest photos I always try to get, but a sense of the scenery these bucks call their stomping grounds (literally) makes composition for photographers pretty tricky. I found windows, albeit small, to photo these testosterone filled bucks with plenty more to come in future posts. The rut is in high gear right now for us in the Land of Lincoln, as the lip-curling & chasing are all the rage. These beasts with their massive necks that are swollen to maximum capacity are what I am here for. I love this time of year!






Montanagirl said...

Oh My - These are just spectacular! The lighting, your perfect framework - the bucks in focus - WOW!

Coy said...

Neat shots and Wow what Bucks! Glad to see you are getting some great rut shots.

Willard said...
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Willard said...

What a display of bucks, Peggy. I haven't seen anything in the league of a couple of them. Old MoFo is out of this world impressive. Excellent work!

Anonymous said...

Nice, my favorite is 3rd. from the bottom.

Brad Myers said...

You have some of the most impressive bucks I have ever seen. You have to like when they present themselves with a natural frame for shooting.