Tuesday, November 15, 2011


MoFo, originally uploaded by Hannibals Animals.

On the hunt for monsters for weeks now and coming up empty, finally this MoFo shows up. Let me tell you, the thrill is still in my bones a day later! Alot of enthusiasts, including me, love the monsters, and this one surely qualifies. A droptine is the cherry on top for a bruiser of this caliber. I've got the fever!


Julie G. said...

Wow, he's one big handsome boy! Great capture! Fabulous!

Brad Myers said...

That neck is even more impressive than the antlers, just look at the size. This is one adult and powerful deer.

Great photo, good luck finding more.

Montanagirl said...

Oh My !! He's quite a specimen! Wonderful, wonderful photo.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love that picture, I want one like that.