Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Mishmash of Sightings

Bald Eagles are hanging out at the local dam again. A sure sign of cold weather!

Northern Mockingbird. A rare sighting in these parts and a possible wintering bird? I hope so!

Northern Shrike. Another infrequent visitor and another possible wintering bird? These both were found just a few hundred feet from eachother. Double whammy!

And last but not least: Groundhog, Whistlepig, Woodchuck, etc. He's definately a juvy and too friendly for his own good. Good luck buddy!


music for tap said...

Nice shots. You've got the talent. Keep it up.

Melissa Weisbard said...

I love the photo of the bald eagles. They are beautiful!

Willard said...

These shots remind me of the winter to come, too. The eagles and other birds make winter more interesting, but that poor whistle pig had better find a good warm spot to escape the cold. Over the years I have seen a few in November too.