Friday, March 7, 2008

Not My Barred Owl Best....Yet....

It is definately owl season, with the Great Horned's on their nests, but another type, the always a thrill. They are cavity nesters, so finding them are definately harder within their confines. Yesterday, I went to a park where I "heard" a Barred Owl doing the "Who cooks for you" call at about noon. (What a thrill to hear one during the day!) I searched and searched the woods, but couldn't find my caller. It put me in the mood, thats for sure. So...I decided to seek out my newest friend last night at a famous location. This particular owl in the past couple of years has favored a certain utility line which borders a forest and a country road. Now, mind you, I'm not sure it is the same owl, but the 2 territories are only a few miles apart. I've seen him in the past, but have not been back to visit him since September of last year. Last night, I got just a glimpse, as he flushed to the protection of the forest, but this morning, I thought I would check at twilight and again he was there. He tolerated me alittle more, but my new flash with a beamer attachment failed me ( I discovered later that I didn't have it attached completely! Aaarg!). I had to resort to the flip up, but at the distance I was, it was useless. is my shot, and... with alittle more care taken with my accessories, I am hoping to drastically improve the quality.

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