Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bark at the Moon

O.K. so its not Ozzy Osbournes next album cover redeax, but it was an opportunity to shoot something different on a boring day. The sun came out later in the evening, and I haven't shot anything for a week. The weather has been gloomy, so when I saw the sun poke its bright head out, I threw on my sneakers and took a ride to my nearest conservation area, Braidwood Lakes. My mission: Find some woodcocks. I found a number of them last year around this time, but there were none. I then rode out to Mazonia for anything I could find. I was hoping a certain road would be open that has been gated closed for more than a month, but... no luck. My opportunities are fading as the sun is about to set. There were plenty of red wing blackbirds though, so now I just needed a canvas. Looking high into the sky, I find the moon almost full. I just need the perfect angle, and voila! This brave guy did not flush as I approached slowly with my car. I positioned a few times, and he just kept singing. My mistake: I should have put more distance between me and the bird, so I could sharpen the moon up. I shot at about 180mm focal length, ISO 200 for 1/100 at f16 & +1 e.v. If I would have opened up to 300mm, from a greater distance, it would have been much better.

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