Monday, March 31, 2008

Barred Owl Day Roost Sighting & Some Migrators

On friday, I went to my favorite spot for migratory bird finds. While walking on the normal path, I thought back to the barred owl I had heard hooting during the day, a few weeks ago. I remembered that over a year ago, I had flushed a barred while walking, and remembered where its location was. I decided to go off the path and investigate that area again, just for kicks. I go to where it was seen, with my eyes to the upper branches, when something out of place caught my eye. Could it be? I looked thru my lens, and lo and behold, there it was!

It was backlit, but I didn't care too much. I finally found my first ever daytime Barred Owl! I took some shots, and adjusted my position for a clearer shot. He flushed, but I watched where he went. I gave him a few minutes to calm down, and strolled in a lazy manner towards him. He flushed again. This time, I could get on his good side (not backlit), so I attempted again. Nope, he wasn't having anything to do with me, so I left him alone, for another lucky day...

I went back with Cuttidad on Saturday, to see if we could get lucky again, and stopped at my last sighting. We both checked the trees, and after a few minutes, I see him. I can't believe it. I turn around, tell Cutti, turn back and lost him. I retrace my steps, but am coming up empty. Cutti questions a spot, asks for my camera, and views the owl again. YEA! I tell her to stay put, that I am going to walk to other side where there is a high path, and get a shot that is not backlit. Her quest was to tell me when to stop to look for it on the other side using our cellphones. I wanted to put me, Cutti and the owl in a straight line, so I would know precisely where to search. I stop where she tells me to, and scan the trees for what seems like forever and am getting frustrated. I can't find him. Thats how well they can blend in. Cutti tries to describe the tree, but I just can't see which tree she is talking about. Finally, I see him and am amazed at how far away he was. I thought for sure, I would be closer on this side. I take a few shots, but can't get a clear view, so I decide to go into the woods alittle deeper, but am careful not to spook him. I stayed parellel to him the whole time, and acted like I wasn't looking directly at him. He stayed for quite a long time, but when I decided to try a few feet closer, he flushed. This is the shot I got with my 75-300mm Canon IS. I mention that lens, because hopefully my next shot of him will be with my new 100-400mm CanonL IS. I'm very excited about this new purchase which was recommended by Craig from Craigs Birds.

After an I.D. given to me by Owlman, this bird was identified as a Golden Crowned Kinglet-Thanks Owlman!

I also found a Brown Creeper, while scouting for the Barred Owl.


Owlman said...

The mystery bird looks like a VERY nice Golden Crowned Kinglet to me:

Awesome Barred Owl pics!

Hannibal said...

Thanks SO MUCH for the I.D. Owlman!!
You are my hero this week!

Owlman said...

Amazing pictures considering that these guys are normally zooming around like a raver on speed. I've never seen a Kinglet chill long enough to get a decent pic - well done, you're my hero for the week ;-)