Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cozumel Mexico

Cozumel Mexico was my vacation destination for this year. I've never been, although 20 years ago I did visit Cancun and left with a touch of Montezumas Revenge. Anyway, this time was completely different, and I couldn't wait to see that unbelievably blue water again. As you know, I purchased a "Snorkelcam" and couldn't wait to use it! We also brought a "point-n-shoot" Canon Powershot SX210IS camera, as most of this trip would be spent underwater. It had a bigger zoom (14X)and still fit in a shirt pocket with 14 MP to boot. The above picture was taken with it. I was pretty pleased with it's capabilities, but make no mistake about ever replacing your DSLR with it. It did blow out the whites, but tweaking in Photoshop was an easy fix, and shooting wildlife with it would never meet my standards. But... The face recognition was great, and it even had smile/wink recognition. Pretty cool! Anyhoo...
On to the Snorkelcam!

I loved it! Was it comfortable? Yes! Was it easy? Practice is definitely necessary, as I made lots of errors between video/camera selection but I was pleasantly surprised with the photos I did get! The video was a bit unsaturated but still, after reviewing them, I felt like I was watching a "turtlecam" on the Discovery channel.

After all of the reviews online, I was disappointed though...I did get a leak which ruined the entire camera. I do believe it was a manufacturers defect as the seals were not the problem. I am returning it for an exchange and will test this one before taking it in real snorkeling waters. I missed a lot of cool opportunities which was very disappointing but what can you do? I still like their product and am hoping for great customer service providing an easy exchange!

The trip was great! The water was incredible! Now if only I can get a job working for a vacation destination company!

My next post will be about playing "The Amazing Race Cozumel". If you've seen the TV show, think of it as a condensed version of clues, codes, adventure and mayhem. It was awesome!


Montanagirl said...

That is very cool. I don't really have a little P&S camera. Had always thought it would be nice to have a small one that would slip into a shirt pocket or purse. Nice photos!

Chris said...

Wow first the location was probably fantastic for holidays and second I guess you got a lot of fun with your new equipment. The pictures are excellent! And you do not need to practice too much I think!

Anonymous said...

That was a pretty cool picture with the fish. Looked like a nice place to be especially this time of year.

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Daniel said...

As a follower, and a fan, I was tickled pink to see the title of your latest blog entry. As an underwater photographer and regular to Cozumel, I can appreciate the thrill and experience you had

Well done!


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Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Being underwater is definitely not something I would do,so I'm happy to look at your pictures.It is beautiful.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Hannibel, just stopped in from Montana Girl (Mona's blog) and enjoyed hearing about your underwater photo adventure, bummer about the camera problem. I have never taken any underwater, but imagine the colors would be beautiful. Hope the replacement camera works out well. Do stop in anytime and visit our blog place - visitors are always welcome.