Thursday, April 15, 2010

Things I've Seen Lately

FOY Yellow-rumped Warbler (Butterbutt). I called him in closer, but he wasn't very cooperative. Oh well, FOY's are for documentation. Hopefully the "good" shots are to come later!

Brown creeper. Cute lil guy, but always in the shadows!

FOY Hermit Thrush. He was with 3 others, but they were camera shy.

FOY Eastern Towhee. He called quite a bit before we saw him. He was right in front of our eyes. I hate that. All this time I could have gotten a possibly better angle. He flew off just after this shot.

Eastern Bluebird Female- The male wasn't so cooperative. They are now in a battle with the Tree Swallows for nest box rights. The swallows always win. They have the numbers to chase them out. I hate that though, they dominate all of the boxes!

Ring-necked Pheasant- First flight shot...Ever!

Blue-winged Teals-Last week at a nice pond, as most of you know, Teals are very flighty!

FOY Eastern Phoebe- I got this one while in Chicago a couple of weeks ago, shooting the wood ducks.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

That's a good assortment of lovely birds.Don't you just hate it when the birds sit in the shadows or fly at the slightest movement?Oh well the fun is in the trying,sooner or later the good shots happen.

Chris said...

Well you got a nice number of cool observation! Well done! Let's hope spring will bring more birds and more pictures ;-)

Brad Myers said...

WOW! between the last two days post I am feeling jealous. You seen some great birds many that I have never seen and did a wonderful job of capturing them. We used to see pheasants here all the time but that was years ago. They have always been one of my favorite birds.

Post like these keep me comming back every day. Have a great weekend, Brad

Eve said...

Great photos! Thanks Hannibal!

Willard said...

Wow, you are seeing a lot of birds. I am focusing on the turkeys and missing getting a lot of other good subjects.

Brad is really right about the pheasants here in our area of Pennsylvania. I have not photographed one in years.

Dominic Gendron said...

Great serie of images. I really love the one with the blue-winged teal ;)

Bird Girl said...

Congrats on that flying pheasant - I do know how difficult it is to catch that! Next to impossible ;-) Love the blue-winged teal group flight - wow!
Brown creeper...that's another one I rarely see - so cute!