Monday, April 19, 2010

American Bittern

I found this guy with a backward glance almost passing him by. As I tried to position myself focusing in-between the tall grasses, I scared up another one just ahead that was practically in the clear. Doh! The flight shot in the comments section is the one I flushed.

Although common in much of its range, the American Bittern is usually well-hidden in bogs, marshes and wet meadows. Usually solitary, it walks stealthily among cattails. If it senses that it has been seen, the American Bittern becomes motionless, with its bill pointed upward, causing it to blend into the reeds. It is most active at dusk. More often heard than seen, this bittern has a call that resembles a congested pump.
Like other members of the heron family, the American Bittern feeds in marshes and shallow ponds, dining on amphibians, fish, insects and reptiles.

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Chris said...

You got it ;-) Well done, it is sometime quite hard to see this bittern species. I remember when I was in Camargue, it could take hours to locate them ;-) You got very nice pictures of it too. I love the second and third pictures a lot, so typical of the species!

jalynn01 said...

I can see how you could pass this bird right up and never see it. Great captures of the Bittern. I loved seeing it with it's head straight up..

Montanagirl said...

I've seen just two of these in my entire life. You have some great shots here!

Bird Girl said...

Oh I am sooo JEALOUS!!! I have been trying to get close to one of these - or even FIND one and I just can not do it! These pictures are wonderful...I think this may be one of the most difficult birds to see! You did a great job photographing :-)

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Excellent pictures.I know just how hard these guys are to capture,unless of course,they are willing.Jake and i had one like that last year,what a treat.

rajani said...

Wow the photos are very beautiful and I know its bit hard to get these types of photos. I tried many times to get these types of photo but I can’t.

I love the 2nd and 3rd photos. Because it making the bird to look more pretty.
I wish to keep up this good work. Bye

Leeloo said...

You are so lucky!! Your first picture is beautiful, it looks like a photo you'd see in a magazine!

thatsnotme said...

Thank you for posting. I was sitting and watching the sunrise when one came and sat about 7 feet from where I was. Good to see pictures!