Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Original Fauxhawk in Action!

This is a test. I bought the new Canon 7D body a few days ago for many reasons. Not only have I heard great things about the performance, but I wanted to combine HD Video with my setup utilizing the same lenses. A few notes...I noticed that shooting stills, then switching to video with 1 convenient button does have a drawback. It seems that when I do switch to video, I would want to make some highlight compensations. The video seems to wash out verses the stills using the exact same settings. A minor drawback, but hey, keeping that in mind, I think the quality is pretty good...What do you think?


McGone said...

I love the "looking around" thing he does. He seems paranoid.

This IS pretty good quality.

Chris said...

Yes it is of pretty good quality. how far were you?
Congrats on the new camera!

Bird Girl said...

I can tell you - from what I have read and seen on the forums that you will not regret buying the 7D! And the video? I was sold the minute I saw Willard's vdieo! This pileated making a nest is priceless!

Ya know, I have video on my cheap Sony point and shoot and it does extremely well in low light and allows you to compensate. You will get used to that and do it without thinking! I can't WAIT to see more of this!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

That looks pretty good.My Hubby is looking to get this camera body as well.

Willard said...

Hi Peggy,

I'm glad to see that you got the 7-D. I think that I like this camera better, the more I use it. I was working with photos the other day and I thought for a bit that I was working with one taken with the 500mmF4 as it was blistering sharp and then I realized it was the 100-400mm. I may be over-reacting, but I think it is by far the best camera I have had to date. It seems it cane make a decent zoom look as good as a prime did on my previous models. Many things get worse as we get older, but the cameras just keep getting better and better.

The video is a bit difficult to shoot compared to a dedicated camcorder and I thought my XL-H1
was taking better video, but then I put both on the same timeline and did some editing and it was hard to tell them apart-so it is good.

Here is a site to check out if you want to read more about using the 7D for video. It is a forum-probably the leading one-on video production. There is a separate section for the 7D.http://www.dvinfo.net/forum/

Also I liked the video and the photos you have posted since my last visit very much.

Brad Myers said...

Congrats on the new purchase, it is fun getting new toys. I also like the video, you know from my site I went with Nikons version to take HD video to compliment the stills and just give me better and different memories.

When I watched the video with the volume up I noticed a sound that I encountered last week with my camera. After reviewing it over and over again on my videos I noticed that it was not on all my videos. I am not sure without more trials but I think when I had the sound I had left the VR on. That causes the lens to always be functioning and I think caused the tiny humming sound on mine. I do not no if you noticed it or not but that may be the reason. I have to believe Canon or Nikon works basically the same way in video mode.

I am looking forward to more videos from your new toy.