Monday, December 21, 2009


Peekaboo!, originally uploaded by peghan01.

A chance sighting of this young buck feeding with a small group of does, I was happy to see he was putting on some weight he surely lost during this seasons rut. I also found the brick in the background to add some color, although I appreciate natural settings much more. An interesting note: No longer does this buck sport the swollen neck filled with the testosterone hormone acquired during the rut season. Very soon, bucks will drop their antlers, no longer needed to fend off other bachelor bucks in pursuit of does in estress.


Montanagirl said...

This is a terrific shot of the buck regardless of the brick background - besides, it adds interest! Nice work.

Eve said...

Love the peekaboo Hannibal! What a great shot.
I love the runaway buck too!! Fantastic shots! As always your blog is a real treat!

Tina said...

He sure is checking you out...look at those intent on trying to figure out if you pose a threat..
great capture...he is a beaut!!

btw, I, also, like the color in the background..makes his coloring really stand out!

Coy said...

Different background for sure but then so many deer are becoming urban dwellers; nice shot Hannibal.

Just in the last couple of days two yearling bucks that I frequently see have lost their antlers. Some bucks in our area carry antlers into mid march but most will be dropping in the next two to three weeks.

Great eagle shot on your previous post!

Brad Myers said...

With the huge beautiful bucks you see and photograph I had to laugh when you called me lucky. I always think the same about you and feel I need to head west for some of your monster bucks. I guess we always want what the other has.

Love the eagle shots, I found a nest and eagle yesterday in Gettysburg but it was on posted land and I could not get close enough to the eagle for a good shot.

Thanks for the kind words and have a Merry Christmas, Brad.

Ben G. said...

I'm not sure how you do it, but your pics always seem to make me look twice.

Johnny Nutcase said...

It's a great picture, and I hear you about the natural background, but the red brick does match well and is kinda christmas-y! he's looks healthy, glad to hear he's put on a few pounds!

Chris said...

Great shot. Wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year... See you in 2010.

NatureStop said...

Great capture!Enjoyed going through your posts.Had missed quite a bit.Enjoy your Christmas!!!

Willard said...

Love that shot! Some of the spikes here have already dropped their antlers.

Your comment about the swollen necks, made me think of something interesting. The small eight-point which I have featured frequently on my blog (the one that was shot, but recovered), never had a swollen neck this year, although he did chase the does to a limited extent. I suspect this was from the effects of his injury.

Craig Glenn said...

Happy Holidays H!