Monday, November 2, 2009

Crazy Non-Typical 19 Point Buck

How on earth I ever spotted a bachelor group of 3 huge bucks hidden behind a stand of trees I will never know, but there they were. The photos are heavily cropped, as these guys were waaaay out there! What I didn't know was that one of them was a very strange sight indeed. He first entered a path headed in my direction, and what I didn't see at first was the 3 branches coming out into all kinds of crazy directions. How freekin cool is he?

After gasping at his abnormal beauty, I tried to count the tines, which was impossible.

He joined 2 other beefy fellas. I was hoping for a scuffle, but it seemed they were all friends, at least for now...

I tried to snap every slight headturn I could, so that I could go home and count those tines.

And with all of the various angles, I came up with a solid 19. I am hoping I get the chance for a closer encounter for obvious reasons. I need to know that there aren't more hiding somewhere.

The strange thought going through my head with this guy was...Do the ladies think he is sexy?


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

He is definitely different.Great capture.I hope he gives you another chance,maybe closer.

Marsha said...

What great captures. I can't believe you saw the 3 tined one, he is a handsome but quirkly looking fellow :)

Montanagirl said...

Quite a different rack. Beautiful photos. Good work!

Coy said...

Interesting how the bucks antlers fork like a mulies on the one side. To see one big guy like this is great but to catch three bruisers together, awesome!