Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Rally on Raptors

Eagles and hawks were the highlights for last few days.

Driving past this fenced off cornfield, I occasionally see wildlife within it's boundaries. Yesterday served up this eagle feeding on carrion. It was a thrill to be quite close to the raptor. Here is a cropped shot.

This photo is posted full size, for perspective. I'd have to guess about 100 feet away, using the Canon 100-400mm lens.

I had taken this photo over the weekend at a cooling lake that was used to serve our local power generating station that has since closed its doors. The lake is iced over, but is a magnet for eagles in the winter months. I spotted this guy, but didn't spot the 6 others in the background until reviewing the images later. Doh! I might have stayed out there alittle longer, if I had known they were out there.

I found this cooper perched over a small stream. He sat there the whole time without flushing. I love when I can leave without disturbing his post.

This giant red tail flew across the road just a few feet from my windshield and landed in this tree. He too, stayed put.

This dark morph red tail finished off the carrion that the eagle left behind.

Lastly, this turkey vulture was trying to mooch off the hawk for a taste of his prize.


Craig Glenn said...

Wow, you did have a good Raptor day. Those are really great shots.


Anonymous said...

Your work is just wonderful.

Don and Sher said...

I see I signed into the wrong account when I commmented, but I still say it is wonderful.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Some wonderful pictures.Your photos are great.

Shellmo said...

All just excellent photos! That eagle in the field was beautiful - especially w/ the lighting. Had to laugh at the vulture mooch!

Gardener's Garden said...

These are beautiful shots and I especially like the eagle in the cornfield. You sure had a great day!

Eve said...

OH So cool! I've never seen a dark morph red-tail Hannibal! Good find! Thanks and Happy New Year!!

Wrensong Farm said...

Those are wonderful pics! I love the look in the Coopers eye!

Do you have a Canon camera body as well? I'm aways off from getting my dream camera but I keep going back and forth between a Canon and a Nikon.

My word verification was that a crow coven? seems like a fitting term!:)

Tina said...

You didn't just have great day you had a superb day! That was an amazing variety of raptors..six eagles at once, too I'm very jealous! I never heard of a dark morph red tail..looked that one up in my books!! Thanks for a great lens trip!

jalynn01 said...

Wow! You really saw a bunch of raptors. Wish I could just see one or two. You've shown me a couple that I have never seen. Thanks so much for letting us see it through your lens!! Happy New Year!~

Bird Girl said...

Gee, Hannibal -I would LOVE to go on a photo hunt with YOU! I can't believe it - Bald Eagles, Cooper's and Red-tails!!! And all exposed perfectly!!! Yep - I'm jealous, too!
I once got a picture of a turkey vulture and red-tail together - I do believe they know the 'pecking order' -haha very cool capture!!!