Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Now that Goose Lake Prairie is in full bloom, there are plenty of butterflies to be had. This Eastern Tiger Swallowtail was being bullied by the Monarchs. It could not feed for very long before a monarch would come over and divebomb him until he left.

There were plenty of Monarchs on hand.

Milkweed bugs are similar in appearance to Box Elder bugs. Milkweed bugs are one of a small group of insects that have the ability to tolerate the toxic compounds in the milkweed plant. They are therefore important in regulating populations of this plant.

Milkweed bugs are colored orange (or orange-red) and black. They have a long proboscis which they use to pierce the seed and inject salivary enzymes used to digest their food. This couple was rudely interrupted by a certain local nature paparazzi.

I don't know what this lil creature is, but he was pretty cute for ummm, a bug!


The Birdlady said...

Beautiful butterflies1 I don't think I've ever seen butterflies chasing each other away. Cool!

Shellmo said...

Never knew the monarch could be so aggressive! Really liked your cute bug at the end!

Todd Dixon said...

I really like that Monarch photo!

Bird Girl said...

Wow - that Goose Lake Prairie is the place to go! Beautiful pictures and very informative post, as well!

SAPhotographs said...

Those are stunning butterfly shots Hannibal. Wonderful blog!!

Anonymous said...

That last "lil bug" appears to
be a Red Milkweed Beetle from
the family Cerambycidae ( Long-
horned Beetles ). Nice photos!
Hap in New Hope (MN)