Monday, February 18, 2008

The Tidbit Game

O.K., so I have nothing to post, and thought maybe a game would be FUN for YOU and ME. I give YOU a tidbit of a (Hannibal) photo, and YOU tell me what it is. If you are the first correct guess, you win Gold Star recognition in the answer photo, with your name, AND... if you win 3X's, you win a real prize! (A photo of your choice, sent to you thru snailmail) SWEET!... RIGHT?

Heres how to play-

Look at picture:

Identify picture if you dare!

Click on "Comments" at the end of the post.
Under "Leave your comment", type in your guess.
Click anonymous as your identity if you DO NOT have a blogger or google account.
(If you are anonymous, leave a nickname so that anonymous don't get all the credit.)
Wait with great anticipation for the winner to be revealed!

NOTE: More than 1 contest could be going at the same time.
You can enter as many times as want.
No purchase necessary to play!
Entrants need not be present to win!
Participation is REQUIRED!
A minimum of 3 guesses posted, before winner is revealed!

1 comment:

backwards blogger said...

I am not really sure if it is an iguana or maybe a rhinosaurus or maybe is it a flower or maybe my cousin vinny, but if I'm wrong ,sorry cousin vinny.