Monday, February 11, 2008

Costa Rica - International Birds Caught on "Film"

This series of photos are various birds of Costa Rica photographed at Punta Leona not featured in previous posts.

Tropical Kingbird; Found near the beach on an electrical line. (I'm not completely sure of the ID-If you are, let me know)

Spotted Sandpiper in non-breeding plumage (no spots).

Black-Throated Trogon near beach. (Not sure on Trogon species ID, color matchings not typical)

Rufous Naped Wren-Very common near the bungalows, with a variety of pleasant songs.

Yellow-Headed Caracara- Found frequenting the snack shop area - It is a falcon that competes with vultures for carrion, also hunts for live prey. ( I had to search the net for this ID, was not in my CR Bird Book, mostly found in the Amazon.)

Boat-Billed Flycatcher - Found near waters edge.

Summer Tanager - Found at the beach.

Virginia Rail - Found on a trail crossing the road with 5-6 others. Later seen on the same path crossing from a tree limb above. (Was not in CR Bird Book-Breeds in Guatamala)

Next Post: Tropical Flowers and Creatures not featured in previous posts!

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