Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Start Your Own Blog!

I have nothing to post...sooo...

Since starting up my own blog back in June, I have encouraged other photographer friends to do the same. To give these friends a little nudge, I took a snapshot of my visitors map. (Every dot on this map are people in various places who have visited Hannibals Animals.) I find it amazing that Alaska, Egypt, UK, Brazil and Chile have somehow found my site, let alone our own United States, coast to coast. I'm just a little hobbiest, who decided to dabble in something new, and 6 months later, people from all over the world have stumbled on to me.......ME! So, for all you in the foreign countries out there stopping by, please post a comment (click on "comments" to post a comment or the envelope icon at bottom of post for email), so that at least I can say Hi, and thank you in person ( text!) for visiting my lil ol site. my photographer friends, come on...get your feet wet! Post your interesting photos and I promise I will add a link to your page from here, and...I will visit often!

Note: The red dot on the map is me.
The green dots are visitors within 10 days.
The white dots are visitors outside of 10 days.

This map was posted on the 19th. Since then, I grabbed a new widget that is displayed on the sidebar which shows who is on right now.

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McGone said...

Just today I had someone from Troy, Michigan find my site by googling "eating an expired granola bar." I'm not sure how that makes me feel. Curious maybe? I'm curious as to why they bothered to find what other people had to say about this hot topic, and what situation led them to say "I know... I'll check the Internet."

It's kooky out there. But always interesting, that's for sure.