Thursday, December 27, 2007

Saw-Whuut?... Saw Whet! In Pictures and... a Mooovie!

Today marks the first day I bring a video to the blog. I now own a
camcorder (Thank you Santa!), so I am going to try to incorporate
alittle action and make this THE wildlife site to be at! My skills
behind the lens of a video-doohickey is very green, so bear with me. I
have found that I need to get a UV filter first and foremost, because
the purple fringing is horrible. Anyway, the little snippit of a
mooovie is raw. The action is not much more than a blink and a
headturn, but I think this little guy is adorable, so I had to make it
my first cinematic adventure. It is rated G. It is an action movie
(note the shaky camerawork) with no plot or bloodshed. The thrill is in
the eye of the beholder, as is the love story. I fell in love with this
guy, and I hope you do too.
So I hope you enjoy your Christmas present...
This owl was found at Morton Arboretum. If I can assume, and I will...
I am guessing it is the same little owl I captured last year. I checked
the same tree where I found the previous one and voila! It is about 20
feet up in the air with its back to the sun, so shooting him was
difficult. ISO 200, shutter 1/25, f/5.6. Speedlight and beamer also.
Note: The video, upon looking after download is completely horrible, so I am hoping to find an alternate way to download a better quality view. Hang with me!>

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rns said...

Yeah, video! Let's see the IHOB top that! Great work capturing the Owl and getting it on the web.