Friday, June 15, 2012

Screech Owlets

Vampire Owlet!

  • Hello friends! Sorry its been such a long time since I've posted. I haven't been shooting lately, so I have had nothing to post. Luckily I was inspired by a friends tip that there were 5 Eastern Screech Owlets about 50 miles away. I couldn't resist! I set off a few days ago in search of these creatures and found the area. They were on private land, so I asked for permission and was allowed access. It took awhile to find them, but once I did, I gasped at the sight of them. How lucky I was to see something so rare! They were lined up on 1 branch and I had too much lens! Damn, I didn't bring anything smaller! I made due, and here they are! Not completely shown, but 5 grey morph screech owlets side by side.    
  • Here is Dad 
  •  Mom was above dad, but too hidden for decent photos.


Juuh Laiis said...

Owwn' Is very beautifull.
I don't speak english,from in Brazil ;)

Montanagirl said...

Not sure my comment took. These guys are adorable! Lucky you. Fantastic shots!

Willard said...

What an encounter--this is one of the situations that make wildlife photography so rewarding.

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great post

jesus said...


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Benjamin Murphy said...

NIce shots Peggy! It was a pleasure to meet you and share the screech-owls. I am planning a trip to Florida and have some questions for you. It looks like from your blog that you have been there and done that.

business analytics said...

That's an scary owl Look out those eyes.


They look so cool!!!Thanks for sharing your photos; keep up the good work.

Chris said...

Wow Dad is gorgeous and impressive but the little ones are wonderful! Your pictures are gorgeous and worth 50 miles drive ;-) Splendid!

Wendy said...

Incredible! You must've been smiling from ear to ear :)

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