Monday, May 17, 2010


There isn't much better than finding Fox Kits for me. I can watch the playful little foxes for hours, or until mama decides they need to go back into the den, which was the case on this occasion. I can't take credit for finding this den, although it is quite urban. It is right in the heart of a rundown town, but the exact place will remain a secret. Thank you secret-holder, if you are reading...

Click on any photo for large photo.

A nasty candy wrapper was the victim here. This guy pounced on it and killed it instantly!

Mom squints in the morning sun.

A kit tries to steal it's siblings prize.

The sibling runs off with his meal. An unidentified bird.

Play time!

Smell my breath. Does it smell like bird?

Space Invader!

Too cute!


Bird Girl said...

I don't know how this place stays a secret when you can actually see a car right behind them!! Crazy! But how absolutely divine! They are just adorable and you captured them in every wonderful stage! I LOVE these pictures and would just LOVE to see some myself - beautifully done!!! That first shot just blows me away!

Pescalune said...

Wonderful pictures :) They are lovely !

jalynn01 said...

I'm with secret could it be with cars in the background?? But... you outdid yourself with the cuteness of these little guys. The detail in the faces is just amazing. Their eyes are beautiful. Mom is all business while they don't seem to have a care! Well done Hannibal.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

You are so lucky to come upon a den like this.These pictures are amazing.Good idea to keep the location a secret,too many people don't have the appreciation for nature which you have.

Eve said...

Too cute indeed!!

Brad Myers said...

Fantastic photos, it had to be a great time. Like you I can set for hours just watching and enjoying the scene.

I hope you have many more encounters with them.

Montanagirl said...

Your header is great, and this whole series is fantastic. Nothing cuter than Fox kits.

Coy said...

Wow! These shots are terrific!

Not only are the kits beautiful but your phots are tack sharp and colorful. Well done!

Willard said...

Wonderful images. I especially like their expressions in the next to last photo. That is so special.

I understand your need for secrecy. This is why I don't give too many details about the herd of deer on my blog as if the right person reads it, they are likely to come calling and it will not be with a camera. They are free-ranging deer, but I have worked hard since 1997 to protect this extended family group of deer. Their core range is in a large protected are, but yet lands where hunting is allowed are nearby and they too often stray there. Also a public road passes through, which makes them targets for poachers.

Shelley said...

I'm in love w/ your foxes!! Love the new blog header too! You got some great playful photos of them! I hope they all thrive and go on to have more kits of their own!!!