Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lots of Butterflies

Here are the images from the other day at Goose Lake Prairie. I had to settle for shooting the butterflies, as the critters around here are not cooperating very well, as they typically do around this time every year. The flower of choice for most of these shots are Asters. I love how Asters make the butterfly colors pop with their bright purple petals. Most of the other prairie foliage is drying up into drab greens and browns, so seeking out the Asters for photos is a no-brainer.


Southern Dogface

American Lady

Can anyone please I.D. this one? Looks like a fighter jet with those wings!

Common Sulphur

I know this post is not all that exciting, but what-you-gonna-do...I'm bored out here!


Tina said...

You are so right about the colors making each other pop!! You have some stunning shots and such crisp detail right up to the little furry spots on the creature's head!
I know little about about the world of butterflies (but grabbed my bf book) and I will take a guess that maybe your fighter jet is a taxiles skipper?

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

This post was very interesting.Your pictures of butterflies are equally as good as the animal ones.I,m terrible with Id's but I do love the butterflies.Thanks.

fotoshooter43 said...

A fantastic set!! I hope the weather clears for a couple days next week so I can get back out there before they are gone for the season. Wonderful exposures, colors, and compositions on all!

Bird Girl said...

These are all just too pretty!!! What color - and so many with double critters - wow - these look like Hallmark greeting cards!

jalynn01 said...

I love butterflies.... with that said I think we are all scraping the bottom of the pot these days for photos...but soon something exciting will come along...Just wait!

Eve said...

Beautiful photos as usual Hannibal. Now Tina, you know I love you, and I would have agreed with the taxiles skipper, but the range is not right. So now what??? Maybe a male Fiery Skipper? I just love skippers but boy they sure are tough to ID. Send it to Hannibal...they know everything!!!

Bird Girl said...

Well, you certainly were NOT disappointed seeking out the asters! I just LOVE that second shot with the 2 yellow butterflies against the purple but they are all excellent!