Monday, August 24, 2009

Sneek Peek

(Click photo to see the red eye!)

I am back from Florida and have too many files to go thru, but have found this preview as I go along the way. The Roseate Spoonbill was a "must see" and I was lucky enuff to stumble across a few feeding in a flooded out area. What a beautiful creature!

Many many more to come!


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Yeh,looking forward to more pictures.

Chris said...

Welcome back. And what a return I have to say...A magnificent picture and I'm eager to see the rest.

Eve said...

Glad to have you back Hannibal! This is going to be fun for sure!

Montanagirl said...

Welcome back! What a beautiful bird this is. Love it. Can't wait to see more.

troutbirder said...

What an exotic and beautiful bird. Looking forward to more!

Bird Girl said...

Well, Hannibal - I picked a fine time to get a new computer and have to switch out everything! Just when you are back from DD with a ton of AWESOME images!!! I just glanced through them but I can't wait to really read the posts and look at each picture closely - what a trip - I bet you LOVED it!
This spoonbill is very beautiful when you make the picture large. I've seen them in Pittsburgh at the National Aviary - but that sure doesn't compare to getting one of these in the natural - WOW!