Wednesday, March 11, 2009

And the winner is:

I chose this particular entry for it's homage to Ozzy Osbourne. So you might ask: Do you really like "The Prince of Darkness"? Well, thats a hard question. As a kid, a good friend liked his music, so I was listening to it quite a bit. I even went to a concert, but it doesn't mean I was one of "those" kids. Or...maybe it does...probably...I don't know. I grew up in the 80's, that's all I can say. I do love playing it on Guitar Hero. It's one of the best songs to play, and the hardest. So to answer the question, yes, I do like the memories of my teen years. I also like to sing his more famous songs (like "Crazy Train") in the spirit of Ozzy...It's quite a sight to see...not in a good way. But...soooo much fun for me! Anyway...

As for the Sword Ceremony... I will try to post pictures of the event soon...

Also...Dame Cuttidad does not have a blog, so linking to her site does not apply, making it easier for me to hold another contest in the near future. You people cracked me up, making it all worth while! Thanks to all who played!

@ Eve: Thank you for every entry! Thank you for being the first, second, and third & fifth entry! You Rock! Your enthusiasm is addictive, your cleverness is evident, and your humor is profound! And..Thanx for loving the picture! You win the "You Rock!" Award!

@ Shellmo: How did you know I was the Engineer on that train? I have no formal training, actually I stole the train! Funny photo that would have been...Thank you!

@ Craig Glenn: You must know how much I love owls, and to incorporate get bonus points for intimate details! Thank you!

@ Bird Girl: Quite simple the title was, and could have left well enough alone, but wanted to stir up some fun! Thank you!

@ Mike and Lizette: Funny how you say "Whatcha lookin at?" your photo icon has you both lookin like you are on a train...perfect! Also: I did fall asleep, you might say I was doey eyed after being hypnotized. Thank you!

@ Chris: No, not a train, they were waiting for ME to get out of THEIR way! Thank you!

@ Tina: It was Deer Street wasn't it? Plenty of ladies, so little time...Thank you!

@ Melissa Weisbard: That area is a really cool place. I can always count on seeing plenty of deer, but in all my years going there, I have never seen so many banded together at these tracks. I was wowed also! Thank you!

@ Troutbirder: Good question! I'm sure they are all embarrassed from dropping their racks! Thank you!

@ Jalynn: The funny thing is...I missed at least 10 deer that ran across before I pulled up. They missed the train! Thank you!

@ Tina: They were track stars because as I said to Jalynn, a bunch of them ran away before I could get there...These are the bravest! The buck was a star, being the only one that could handle all of these trophy women! Thank you!

@ Q-Ponz: You get "Best Nickname Award" and your clever caption almost took home the prize! I feel I owe you something...How about a shiny new Suit of Armor for your troubles? Or maybe some new Chainmail? Thank you!

@ Dame Cuttidad: You, my dear are F-I-E-R-C-E! ( I also want to add that I was not biased in my decision to choose Dame Cuttidad as the winner. She is my best friend, among many things, but her cleverness is what won, not her relationship to Hannibal. It was plain and simple: Her caption made me laugh the loudest!-Period!) Thank you!


Shellmo said...

Congrats to the winner! hannibal - I hope you have another caption contest soon! They're fun! I might have to host one on mine as well.

Eve said...

I loved all the entries Hannibal, this was fun and I love that you found the one that brought back your childhood!!!

Thanks for the "you rock" award!! And your sweet words.

cuttidad said...

Thanks Hannibal! I'm glad I could make you laugh!
Is being called Dame a good thing? If so, I shall demand it!

Tina said...

Congrats to your winner!!
That was a fun contest..I hope you do it again!! :)

Gardener's Garden said...

Hannibal this was a great contest and I really got a good laugh out of it. Thanks for the fun.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Cuttidad.