Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Spiderama, A Dedication

This post is dedicated to my friend Monnie!

Hi Monnie! (She hates spiders.)

How do you like all of these webs? (It seems as if you Blogfolk might think that Ol' Hannibal is being cruel...)

Isn't it quite a site to see? (Well...I am...)

There are huge webs, tiny webs, fat webs, skinny webs...(But it's all in fun...)

Look at this one with the zigzag entrance! (I told Monnie about my walk with the spiders and how amazing it was, but she couldn't see thru her fear...)

And look at this one with it's pretty colors! (So I am showing her that her prejudgement might be wrong...)

And look at this one as it is eating it's breakfast. (I told her that there were thousands of webs, and to see them in the early hours of the morning was a sight to see...)

And look Monnie, the dew drops sparkled in those hours, but disappeared by day, like they were never there!

...So see Monnie, it's not so bad walking among spiders...

(I am jumpstarting the "SCARY" since it's Halloween month, bloggername is kinda appropriate.)


The Birdlady said...

Yep - you're a month ahead. You got some fantastic shots though!

Marsha said...

The fourth shot is just amazing! Their webs are such works of art and one time I watched a spider weave his web and it only took 20 minutes. Loved the webs, shut my eyes half way on the spiders :-)

Shellmo said...

Hannibal - I love your sense of humor - I hope Monnie appreciates it! Loved seeing all these web designs!

jalynn01 said...

The webs are just amazing and I loved seeing them. You captured them beautifully. The spiders are pretty colorful too!

Todd Dixon said...

Too cool. Those webs were everywhere!

Gardener's Garden said...

Your web shots are outstanding and it was such a pleasure to view them.

McGone said...

Damn, those are great! We had an orbweaver outside our place this summer and its hypnotic to watch them work on their webs.