Monday, November 5, 2007

Bunch O Bucks

It was a great morning Saturday, going to my favorite spot for bucks. The rut season has begun, and from taking a look at these guys necks, the testosterone flowing thru their veins is quite evident and the ladies are in for a stressful few months.
I saw 5 different bucks, and was all excited for who I might meet on sunday, but didn't see even one. I did see a bald eagle though, so sunday was not a total loss, even though it was perched too far in the distance for a decent shot. The cool thing I did witness, was a doe chasing a buck ( photo of leaping buck). Typically, its the buck who won't leave the doe alone. Bucks can smell a doe going into estress and follow/chase her until she is ready (which could take days/weeks), or she gets away. But watching the reverse situation happen in front of me was very strange. She was ready for him, but he didn't want her. Hmmm... Bucks try to mate with as many as they can, and create a harem of girls that stay with him for protection from other bucks, and... they are also his own protection from hunters and other predators, using them as lookouts/sentries. Smart!


Big R said...

Love the buck browsing on the branch, and the one in mid flight. How unusual for a buck to run from a doe, especially during the rut. Once again, outstanding shots! Damn, I wish I could've been with ya...

McGone said...

Wow. You know what? You're pretty good at taking pictures of animals.

Wasn't sure if anyone told you that before.

(I actually like the very last one best - nice depth of field).